Standard Columbian Wyandottes



Rockin R line of Columbian Wyandottes have been completely rebuilt.  This line was started in 1987.  Only top quality Wyandottes have been introduces into this line.  

In the early 1900's Columbian Wyandottes were one of the primmer family farm flocks.  They provided many qualities that the small farm needed.  They were a meaty bird that laid a good amount of eggs and had good mothering instincts to help produce further chicks/birds.   Columbian Wyandottes gave way as the in about 1920 to whites as they became more popular.

These are remarkably, beautiful birds with their white bodies and black lacing on their heck and tail.  These birds have become very rare.  You do not see this kind of top quality in this breed very often.  They will add color and good value to you in the farm flock, show ring, or as pets.

Varieties of Wyandottes:
  • White
  • Buff
  • Columbian - Solid white bird with black lacing on heck and tail feathers.
  • Golden Laced
  • Blue
  • Silver Laced
  • Silver-Penciled
  • Partridge
  • Black
Standard Weights: Cock-8-1/2 pounds, hen-6-1/2 pounds, cockerel-7-1/2 pounds, pullet-5-1/2 pounds.

Skin Color: Yellow.

Egg Shell Color: Brown.

Use: Meat or eggs.

Characteristics: Wyandottes are a good, medium weight fowl for small family flocks kept under rugged conditions. Their rose combs do not freeze as easily as single combs.  Their attractive "curvy" shape, generally good disposition which make them a good choice for fanciers as well as farmers. Common faults include narrow backs, undersized individuals, pinched tails, and can find some stubs (feathers, which is a disqualification in showing) between toes.  It is not uncommon to see single combed offspring come from rose combed parents. These single combed descendants should not be kept as breeders.

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